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Why You Should Brush Your Teeth at Night

Need a reminder to brush your teeth?

Visit your dentist

I do not mean that you go for a dental checkup Although that helps too. I mean just pass by their office to say hi. There is something in us that aspires to be better. Therefore, when you pass by your dentist’s office, that evening I guarantee that you will remember to brush your teeth.

But why should you brush your teeth at night?

When we sleep, the flow of saliva stops, otherwise we would choke in our sleep. Saliva normally functions to rinse off food and neutralize any toxins in the mouth. At night, any food left over on the teeth has a chance to putrefy giving rise to that dreaded animal called “morning breath”.

In addition to that, any sugary stuff that’s left on the mouth disintegrates into food acids that can attack your tooth surfaces without any disturbance.

Tooth brushing in the morning is for social reasons: not to show the Sukuma while at night is for good oral health.

So next time you are in Westlands, just drop by for a cup of tea and a chat.

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