You have probably noticed a new face in one of our dental units if you’ve been to Astradental. In January, we welcomed our new dental hygienist, Esther. Sharing in our values to provide an unmatched level of care, Esther joins our dental team to help families smile.

 Her academic and career success has allowed her to specialize in scaling and root planning to work alongside us with Astradental services. With Esther by our side, we will work together to help you maintain and obtain optimal oral health.

As a registered dental hygienist, Esther will help us better provide comprehensive patient care for complete oral health. She will aid our team during patient screening procedures, such as during routine dental checkups and dental cleanings. During routine cleanings and exams, she will remove calculus and plaque from the surface of the teeth. To keep the teeth strong and healthy, she will apply preventive treatments, such as fluoride and dental sealants. In addition, she will take dental scans, images, and impressions so we can gain better insight into your oral health.

With dental education the very foundation to great oral health, she works to build a relationship with each patient. During her time with the patients, she will help teach the importance of oral hygiene and share valuable tips to help maintain oral health. In addition to patient counseling, she will help keep our office running smoothly by performing patient documentation and other office management activities.