According to the 2015 Kenya National Oral Health Survey, About half the  Kenyan population have never visited a dentist. The number one reason cited by employees for not using their dental benefits is the inconvenience of going to the dentist.


Each of our dental trucks is equipped just like a normal dentist’s office. There is a manned reception supported by ALL billing platform such as SMART and SLADE. Each truck has a waiting area, drinking water and toilet. In the treatment compartment, there is the usual dental unit, a dental sterilizer, and facilities for digital dental x-rays. The equipment is powered by a silent generator for off grid locations. Each mobile team consists of the Dentist, their nurse and the customer representative who is also the driver and security officer in charge of the vehicle.

How Does It Work?

Our marketing manager usually arrange dates for the visit in consultation with the HR manager of the organization responsible for staff health. The days booked depend on the number of staff at the site. Around 8 patients can be treated per day and up to 30 checkups if treatment is not desired. When we are on site, we do not affect activities or vandalize the normal operations of the organization that we have visited because our mobile clinic only handles one patient at a time. We use staff list to invite one person at a time for convenience and to avoid crowding at the mobile dental truck reception which only caters for two clients at a social distance of one meter. Booking for the service is recommended due to the need to arrange both travel and accommodation for our staff.


Our mobile trucks are supported by the main office in Mpaka Plaza at Mpaka road, wetlands Nairobi. Our main clinic has seven experienced and specialized dentists, supported by a kind and caring team. In 2021 we achieved top rating on the google search engine. Our team is well trained to offer dental health talks, check-ups, and dental treatments both in our premises, at offices and even at client’s own homes. Our philosophy is prevention of dental diseases, and it informs all our activities as our contribution to nation building. This means that we reach our clients before dental disease sets in or worsens to improve both clinical outcomes and reduced spending on advanced dental treatments such as root canal work. We are the preferred service provider for thirty-five insurance and corporate organizations, nationally and internationally.




The mobile dental service is designed for those clients that are not well served by existing dental clinics network in Kenya. This may be due to the geographical remoteness of their branch network or the intense nature of their work in either manufacturing or financial service. We have visited remote locations ranging from Lokichogio on the Kenya – South Sudan border, to Lwakhakha on the Uganda border and Nyamtiro on the Tanzania border. Some of our clients are insurance, who use our mobile clinics during their client’s health weeks. Others are National organizations with widespread networks where we can offer webinars, dental checkups, and simple dental treatments. Finally, we work with churches and Nonprofit organizations in their outreach programs to provide dental health education, oral screening, and dental treatments.


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