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Dr Lucy Mutara

Dr Lucy Mutara

We are known for pain free dentistry. Our consultation is thorough and visible to the patient through our innovative use of intra-oral cameras. In addition to general dental treatment, our dentists have varying expertise in tooth replacement, children’s dentistry, Braces and implantology.
We have a newly refurbished clinic with 5 treatment rooms and 2 fully equipped mobile dental truck. WIFI, refreshments, newspapers and parking are offered as standard.
We like to work on appointments, but always keep an open slot for dental emergencies. We like our work in your mouth to last, so we will ask you to become a partner in its upkeep. this involves daily brushing, flossing and use of protective pastes to keep your smile, ever fresh.
Astradental is known for its friendly staff, pain free dentistry and cleanliness. For patients with missing teeth, and on a budget, we are offering long lasting temporary smiles to avoid dentures and allow you to plan your implant replacement. Our friendly reception team will welcome you into the practice and are able to answer any questions you may have over the telephone or by email.