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Our premium Braces Wax, your ultimate solution for those pesky discomforts caused by braces! Say goodbye to the agony of wires pinching against your delicate mouth tissues. Our specially crafted Orthodontic Wax, also known as dental wax, acts as a soothing barrier between your braces and your mouth, alleviating pain and preventing further injury. With each application, experience instant relief and give your sores the time they need to heal. Embrace comfort and confidence on your journey to a perfect smile with our Braces Wax today!




Why Choose Ortho Wax for Braces?

For those adjusting to braces, this product is a lifesaver. Orthodontic wax offers comfort and adaptability during the initial stages of treatment. Once applied, it cushions the sharp edges of braces and secures any loose components. By creating a protective barrier, it minimizes friction between braces and teeth. Additionally, it serves as a temporary solution for mouth sores until you can see your orthodontist.

Applying ortho wax is straightforward and removal is a breeze, making it suitable for both children and adults. Moreover, it’s budget-friendly.

How to Apply Ortho Wax on Braces:

  1. Clean your hands and brush your teeth thoroughly to prevent bacterial infection.
  2. Dry your braces before applying the wax, using a tissue if needed.
  3. Identify areas of discomfort where braces wires are irritating your inner cheeks or lips.
  4. Take a small amount of wax and roll it into a ball, warming it for about 5 seconds. A ball the size of a popcorn kernel is usually sufficient; avoid using too much wax.
  5. Place the wax ball on the painful area and gently rub it in. Apply wax to problematic brackets or wires to create a barrier.
  6. Allow the wax time to soothe your discomfort and enjoy a pain-free braces experience.

How Long Can Ortho Wax Stay on Braces?

Orthodontic wax should not be left in your mouth for extended periods. Replace it with a fresh piece twice a day, or immediately if it becomes loose. Keeping wax on for longer increases the risk of bacterial growth and cavities due to trapped food particles. For best results, apply wax to well-brushed teeth after meals.

Package Including:

1 Box Ortho Wax (5Pcs/Box).


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