What is Root Canal Treatment Procedure?

Root canal treatment is removal of the nerves of a tooth. It is performed on decayed teeth when the decay is deep extending to the nerve or in case a tooth is broken, and the nerve is affected.

 How long is the Root Canal Procedure?

It will take between 1-2 hours for your Dentist or a Dental Specialist, who does Root Canal’s to perform this procedure Depending on the complexity, it is done in 2-3 appointments.

What is done in the Root Canal Therapy?

We will remove the Infected Pulp. We will also clean and seal the inside of the tooth with a special sealing material.

What causes damage to the Tooth’s Nerve and Pulp?

Tooth Decay and repeated dental procedures in a Tooth, crack or chip, injury etc can cause the damages.

Why do I need to remove the Pulp?

When your Teeth pulp becomes damaged, bacteria begins to spread and multiply within the pulp chamber. This can cause tooth abscess and other Mouth Infections. This can cause Tooth pain and discomfort. If not treated early, it may result in the loss of tooth by extraction. Root Canal can save the Tooth Extraction.

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